Prospective Students

We are constantly looking for briliant candidates to start new projects. Prospective students can joint the lab for a Master Thesis or a PhD program. Fixed-term research positions may be also available.

Master Thesis lasts approximately 6 months and are focused on a specific problem identified within the framework of a wider ongoing activity. The Thesis project may consist of a system analysis, circuit design and simulations, or measurements of integrated circutis prototypes. All the projects are in tight cooperation with international companies and a Master Thesis is certainly a good opportunity to get visibility and be immediatly hired. Thesis projects are made available also to students coming from other universities in Italy and abroad. In this case, remuneration to cover your stay may be provided.

The PhD is the highest accademic degree. A PhD program lasts 3-years and it is economically supported by a research scholarship. Within a PhD program you have the opportunity to prove your talent by developing briliant solutions to challenging problems in the area of microelectronics. You have the possibility to design, fabricate and test in the lab your own integrated circuits. You will gain visibility by presenting your results to the engineering community with a talk at an international conference and scientific publications. PhD programs offerred by the lab are in tight cooperation with large international companies, ensuring you the access to the most advanced silicon technologies for integrated circuit fabrication. There are many many national and international well remunerated job opportunities for highly qualified Doctors. But to succeed in a PhD program, you have to be briliant, motivated, curious and with excellent results demonstrated in your Master Thesis project.


To know more about currently available opportunities for a Master Thesis or a PhD program in the Lab, write an email to For application to a PhD program, include the following:

– A brief letter of motivation

– Curriculum vitae, listing the time of education/degrees, work experience and any relevant scientific publication

– List of relevant exams with results

– The contacts of two references who are familiar with your academic work and can judge your potential to be a PhD student


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